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Another Roto-Screen in Southern Ontario
Cliffshore Excavating & Grading from Port Hope, Ontario recently purchased a new Roto-Screen R450LD portable trommel screen. Owner Barry Ferguson deliberated over a number of other manufacturer's plants but decided the R450 was the plant to best suit his needs.

Minnesota gravel contractor chooses Roto-Screen
Wm. Mueller & Sons from Hamburg, MN opted to purchase a new 2015 Roto-Screen R450 portable trommel screening plant equipped with a hydraulic shredder. Sold & serviced though Cornerstone Equipment from Montgomery, MN, this plant was put into service to process the heavy, wet topsoil accumulated by Mueller in a number of their gravel pits.

Another Maine contractor chooses Roto-Screen
After extensive research, Paul Martin from Martin Sand & Gravel #7 in Sullivan, ME purchased a new Roto-Screen R450. Paul had visited and spoke with a number of current Roto-Screen users in Eastern Maine and decided that the R450 was the plant best equipped for his needs.

Vermont contractor chooses a new Roto-Screen
Denny Burnham, owner of Burnham Excavating from Cornwall, Vermont, decided on a new Roto-Screen R450 because of the simplicity of operation and the high rate of production. The plant has been equipped with a 5/8" screen for topsoil as well as an optional extra drum with a 3/8" screen to process sand.

Another new Roto-Screen for Long Island
Just like a number of other Long Island, New York contractors, Rich Fullam of Fullam Exterprises from Southampton, NY bought a new Roto-Screen R450. Months of struggle and frustration with flat deck vibratory screens led Rich to decide that a portable trommel screen was the only way to process topsoil and compost and that a Roto-Screen R450 was the plant for him.

Roto-Screen makes headway in the mid west
Continuing to stake its claim as a forerunner in the small to mid size trommel screen range, Roto-Screen has now established a firm foothold in Central Illinois.

Dave Oelmann of Castleman Screened Topsoil based in Milan, Illinois bought a new Roto-Screen R450LD with the optional "low dump" hopper to help fill the need for screened material in this growing Heartland area close to the Iowa line. In a matter of a few weeks later and 80 miles further east, Steve Michelini, owner and operator of Illinois Valley Excavating from Peru, Illinois bought the same size Roto-Screen preferring to opt for the standard hopper for use with a hydraulic excavator. Proof positive that the R450 from Roto-Screen is the contractor's choice in a mid size, portable trommel.

Another New England contractor opts for Roto-Screen
After extensive research and deliberation, Andrew Taylor of Taylor Lumber & Equipment Rental decided on a new Roto-Screen R450. This Marshfield, Massachusetts company is a well respected, family owned organization through several generations in this coastal area town and supplies screened material to many of the surrounding towns and rural neighbourhoods. The Roto-Screen brand name is now synonymous with trommel screens throughout North America and this is the latest example in a long line of New England contractors who have profited from their association with Roto-Screen.

Two Massachusetts contractors opt for another Roto-Screen
Long time Roto-Screen user Norman Fortini from N.J. Fortini Construction of Plymouth, Mass. has been so satisfied with the Roto-Screen R450 he purchased new in 2003 that he decided to upgrade to the four wheel drive model R454. His original machine was then sold to another current Roto-Screen user, P & M Reis Trucking from Nantucket. Myles Reis has been in the market for some time for another R450 and seized this opportunity to add a second Roto-Screen to his construction fleet on Nantucket Island.

Unique application for a new Roto-Screen with shredder
The United States Army ammunitions plant in Parsons Kansas was the site for a new Roto-Screen R450 equipped with an optional hydraulic shredder. Screening and removing spent munitions from heavy clay was the job at hand and the Roto-Screen was up to the task. The material was fed into the trommel by a remote controlled John Deere hydraulic excavator and the munitions eventually removed by magnetics. A very unique application to add to the lengthening list of Roto-Screen applications.

Western Ontario contractor chooses Roto-Screen
Garlatti Landscaping from Lasalle, ON just outside of Windsor, purchased a new Roto-Screen to process topsoil for their landscaping business. Dan Garlatti, owner of this growing landscape supply company, was so impressed with how efficiently the R450 screened topsoil that Roto-Screen was his only choice. Garlatti not only produces screened material for his landscaping projects but supplies the local retail and wholesale markets in Windsor and the surrounding area.