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Another Roto-Screen for the Maritimes
The Municipality of the County of Richmond in Arichat, Nova Scotia on Cape Breton bought a new Roto-Screen to process their compost. In a typically wet east coast climate, processing material can always be difficult but the R450 was up to the challenge. From the Solid Waste Management Facility three hours northeast of Halifax, Richmond County will convert a former waste product into a screened material suitable for resale.

A first for the Badger Group
Badger Daylighting from the Cambridge area, are the first hydrovac excavating company in Ontario to use a Roto-Screen to process material extracted using their water and vacuum technology. This state of the art, cost effective alternative to conventional, hydraulic powered trenching and digging equipment is a perfect fit for the Roto-Screen R450.

Roto-Screen "Triple Header" for the Prairie Provinces
Sidhu Brothers Trucking & Excavating in Edmonton, AB, Premier Lawncare in Saskatoon, SK and McEwen Brothers in Winnipeg all opted for a new 2013 Roto-Screen R450LD. Showing once again that Roto-Screen is the "Proven, Affordable Alternative" offering customers all across Canada efficient production at a low cost per ton.

Rental company in Massachusetts goes for Roto-Screen
Country Rentals, with outlets in Rockland and Hanson , Mass. added a new Roto-Screen R454 to its rental fleet. After consulting with other Roto-Screen users in the Boston area there was no doubt that the R454 was the plant versatile enough to accommodate the varied rental application market.

A double header for the Kawarthas, Ontario.
Two up and coming contractors in The Kawarthas area of Southern, Ontario decided that the versatile Roto-Screen was the plant for them. Bill McDougall of D.H.M. Enterprises in Norwood near Peterborough and Kirk Elder of Canadian Excavating and Contracting from Baltimore, just north of Cobourg, both purchased new R450 plants. Low cost per yard of material produced was key to their decisions.

Roto-Screen in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
After extensive research Joel George,from Joel George Contracting purchased a new Roto-Screen R450.

The rich soil on the south shore of Nova Scotia lends itself well to the efficient production capacity of the R450.

New Hampshire house builder decides on Roto-Screen
Greystone Village, a luxury retirement community under construction in North Hampton, N.H., is the location for the latest addition to an already growing population of Roto-Screen portable trommel screening plants in New England. Company president Joe Roy, after extensive research, decided that the Roto-Screen R450 was the plant that best fitted his needs. Heavy, "very boney" wet material was processed to a 3/8" minus product eliminating the need for further, labour intensive, raking and re-handling.

Second Roto-Screen for Long Island contractor
John Brigati, from White Post Wholesale Growers in Huntington, NY, has been so impressed with how his 2004 Roto-Screen R450 has performed under very difficult conditions that he purchased another one. Ease of operation, low maintenance and overall reliability were the key factors in his decision. White Post is a family owned and operated business with two locations on Long Island.

Another Roto-Screen for the Ottawa area.
Jim McRae, from McRae Enterprises in Kanata, Ontario, decided on a new Roto-Screen R450. After many years in the construction industry, Jim's experience with many different types of screening equipment convinced him the highly productive and user friendly R450 was the right machine to move his company forward.

Roto-Screen and Edge combination.
Arbro Excavating owner Erwin Arthur from Mount Forest, Ontario upgraded his screening equipment to a Roto-Screen R450 and combined this portable trommel screen with a diesel powered Edge MS65 portable, radial stacker. The high production and portablilty of both units were keys to Erwin's decision.

Contractor compliments his Roto-Screen with Edge.
To keep up with the increase in demand for bulk, screened topsoil, current Roto-Screen user Craig Dimartile from Dimartile Farms in Welland, Ontario has purchased a new Edge MS50 portable, radial stacker. The high production from his Roto-Screen R450 and the high stockpile capacity of the MS50, Craig was convinced, were a perfect match.

Fenelon Falls contractor keeps it in the family:
Paul Young of Young's Construction in Fenelon Falls, ON decided on a new Roto-Screen R450. Impressed by the operation and production rate in topsoil of the R450 purchased a few years ago by his uncle's company, Young's Landscaping also of Fenelon Falls, when it was time to upgrade to a portable trommel screen Paul had no hesitation in choosing the Roto-Screen.

A first for Northern Manitoba:
Eagle Point Contractors from Meadow Portage, 350 kms. northwest of Winnipeg, is one of the very few producers of screened topsoil in the area. Company owner, Roger Van De Kerckhove decided on the Roto-Screen R454 because of its versatility and ease of operation and will produce screened aggregates as well as topsoil.

Roto-Screen near Canada's capital city:
After renting a Roto-Screen R454 for a month in 2011, Paul Honeywell of Honeywell Works from Osgoode, Ontario decided that an R454 was the plant to buy in the spring of 2012. Honeywell produces and supplies topsoil products to customers all over the Ottawa area.

New Milford, PA:
Ron Kays, owner of Kays Gravel in New Milford, PA, bought a new Roto-Screen R450. Mr. Kays was impressed when he saw a 10 year old Roto-Screen in operation, owned by another local contractor in his neighbourhood. The versatility of the Roto-Screen, when using different drums, for topsoil as well as sand and stone production along with the ease of operation, all contributed to his decision.

Mount Vernon, NY. contractor chooses Roto-Screen:
Vernon Hills Contracting, an excavating company located just a few miles north of New York City, purchased a new Roto-Screen R450 not only to screen and process their topsoil but to produce a very fertile product by blending with compost. Sam Savone, owner of the company, is very pleased how efficiently the end product is processed through the R450 and the substantially higher rates of production compared to their previous screening methods and equipment.

Jenison, Michigan contractor chooses a Roto-Screen:
Jay Poortenga, owner and senior family member of J & R Trucking, a family owned and operated trucking and excavating company from the Grand Rapids area in western Michigan, after renting a Roto-Screen from another local contractor, was convinced that the R450 was the portable trommel screening plant they needed to produce their screened topsoil material. His decision to buy was influenced by the low cost per ton of material produced through the R450, the ease of operation and low maintenance cost. Support from local Roto-Screen representative AggTech also was key to the decision to purchase.



Roto-Screen is the preferred choice for a New Brunswick home builder and developer:
Moemar Homes/Quality Excavating from Moncton, chose a new Roto-Screen to process topsoil on their housing developments in Riverview, N.B.. The efficient, cost effective model R450 impressed owner and family member Marcel LeBlanc on his recent visit to Ottawa, Ontario to watch the trommel screen in action. His subsequent visit to the Roto-Screen manufacturing facility near Montreal emphasized the fact that a Roto-Screen R450 was the best choice for his family owned and operated business. Their plans to produce and have available for sale screened topsoil in quantity was welcomed by many of the local landscapers who watched the plant process its first loads of material.

Excavating contractor chooses Roto-Screen:
Steve Crowe, owner of Steve Crowe Trucking from Brighton, Ontario decided on a new Roto-Screen R450 for his custom screening business and to provide screened material for his new garden and landscape supply outlet.





Lagan Valley Equipment is very pleased to announce an arrangement with KMC Engineering from Northern Ireland to market their "Edge" equipment in Ontario.

Having previously manufactured solely for Terex from the United States. who marketed the equipment under the Terex/Powerscreen banner, KMC are now a leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor in their own right of materials handling equipment. Visit the Edge website at:


New Roto-Screen R454-4 for renowned Toronto area home builder
Di Blasio Construction, a family owned Mississauga home and condominium builder, have been in business in Southern Ontario since the fifties. Their new Roto-Screen will be used to process the excavated material from various subdivisions in and around Toronto.

New Roto-Screen for Gilbertson Enterprises
Gilbertson Enterprises from St. Joseph Island near Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario is another satisfied Roto-Screen customer. Attracted by the simplicity and efficiency of the R450, they purchased the portable trommel screen primarily to process their topsoil material.

New Roto-Screen dealers
Lagan Valley Equipment is proud to announce our latest, new dealers for Roto-Screen products. Both of these companies have years of experience in the screening and materials processing industries. They have plants in stock and will provide after sales parts and service to any new or existing Roto-Screens in their respective territories.

Northern Ontario:

Primary Equipment
Sudbury, Ontario


Tel: 705-662-3010

Chieftain Recycling Equipment
Edmonton, AB
Willie Thompson

Tel: 780-474-8082